Understanding how much space your company needs

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If you have moved offices before, then you know just how challenging it can be. A move is one reason (but not the only reason) you may need help understanding how much space your company needs. Perhaps you are looking to reduce your office footprint or open up an office in a new location. The right office space can help companies hire competitive talent, keep employees healthy, reduce operating costs, or create the perfect conditions for the next big idea. Each goal has a direct impact on how much space a company occupies, but the task of creating a highly customized workplace that meets those goals can be daunting.

Companies have historically turned to workplace strategists to create informed and actionable office space programs that match the work styles and needs of their employees, often involving a detailed and manual process to research and forecast future space demands. CBRE recognized a need to bring quality space planning recommendations to a broader base of users, while also reinventing traditional planning methods and eliminating cost through automation. In six months, from ideation to launch, CBRE created Spacer, a free web-based space planning technology.

The first of its kind in the industry and available to companies of any size for free, Spacer delivers a custom, architect-ready space program with square footage recommendations for every desk, office and collaboration space, along with the built-in amenities that matter to a company’s workforce, such as wellness rooms and community areas for eating and socializing.

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Author: Nicky

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