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Purchasing a commercial property can be a massive decision and a huge investment. Your choice will be a long term decision that will need to deal with the growth of your business, surrounding area and our economy. In order to make an informed decision, you’ll need to ensure that you have extensive knowledge and have done your research and viewed a few properties to know which one is right for you. We explored a few tips on what to look out for when purchasing your commercial property.

First impressions count

Your clients and fellow business owners want to know you mean business and what better way to show them that you mean business than to have an attractive office. Making a lasting first impression can come down to your aesthetically pleasing office with a wow factor.

Location Matters

The area that you choose to purchase tour premises in should be one that can withstand time so that your property increases in values instead of decreases. Do your homework on surrounding area and area trends before signing the dotted line.

Proximity to Convenience and other Offices

Being close to other businesses, shops and your local CBD will make a huge difference to your productivity and access to amenities.

Natural Light & Views

Your employees will thank you and be more productive if you offer them a working space with natural light and views of the exterior of your building. These offices are in high demand.

Additional costs

Be aware of any future upgrades and maintenance that you’ll need to action before you move in or within the next 3 years

If you’re looking to purchase a commercial property, make sure to contact one of our experienced brokers in your area and we will help find the perfect space for your business.

Author: Melissa

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